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Oriental Style – A Taste of the Exotic For Everyone

Oriental Style - A Taste of the Exotic For Everyone

An oriental addition to your interior design? Nothing easier! Today, courtesy of our customer, we we’ll show you how to easily and cheaply add a taste of Orient to your home, office or even patio by using our stencil and some golden paste! A general renovation full of dust and mess is not always necessary to change the interior design. Each, even the smallest accessories create an idividual character of the surrounding space. Although many focus on a consistent style, we believe that sometimes it is worth going a little crazy and adding an inconspicuous but distinctive accent.

Why is it worth to bet on oriental accessories?

An original detail related to the Chinese or Japanese culture is enough to bring the atmosphere of the Far East. The oriental style is primarily rich in design and color variation. The color palette oscillates around various shades of yellow, red, orange with a hint of black and gold. Each color has its own meaning, for example, in Chinese culture, red symbolizes happiness. Rich colors and combinations of many shades do not have to be overwhelming. The oriental style goes well with the bathroom, bedroom and garden. However, if arranging the whole house in such a style is too much for you – i’s worth focusing on small accents – they often will have the greatest strength!

Our customer used the LINFEN pattern to make this stylization. Interestingly, for the renovation, she used a simple, black ‘LACK’ table, available at every IKEA store. The table top is a square with a side of 55cm, so the stencil only had to be repainted nine times to create this original decoration! The pattern was painted with goldsmith paste. The golden color fits perfectly with the black table – you can feel the atmosphere of the Far East. An original and cheap solution to create an exotic patio!

One of the most important elements of an Oriental Style interior is furniture. Our customer probably knew this rule when choosing a table for decoration. Do you like such an exotic change of decor? Or maybe you would choose a different pattern? We encourage you to make your own experiments and share the final effects of your work!