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Original tips for your Christmas decorations

The run-up to Christmas is a busy time full of preparations for the most magical moment of the year. However, it is worth taking a few moments to decorate your four walls. Today we will show you three tips to make original decorations. As always we will be accompanied by stencils, but this time not only for painting. You will see that Christmas decorations do not have to be trivial at all!

Firstly: stencil and fake snow

When decorating the house for Christmas we decorate the Christmas tree, door, but often forget about the windows. It’s a great pity! Winter decorations will introduce an unusual, Christmassy atmosphere. The perfect arrangement can completely change the whole interior. Santa’s sleigh, Christmas tree, snowman or a whole set of different Christmas elements will decorate all your windows in an interesting way. How to use stencil paints to paint your windows?  It’s simple! Place the design on the window and spray it with artificial snow. A unique effect is guaranteed

Secondly: Christmas cookies

I don’t think anyone can imagine a Christmas without some sweets. As well as smelling and tasting, cakes and cookies can also be tempting with their amazing looks. The stencils can be used for any sweet decoration, from icing sugar, food markers to gorgeous royal icing. Gingerbread Christmas trees are becoming increasingly rare. However, if you want to bring back a tradition from your childhood – reach for the stencils! You can easily and pleasantly make your tasty Christmas tree decorations even more beautiful!

Thirdly: snow-covered tree

We don’t need stencils anymore. All we need is our imagination and artificial snow. Spraying Christmas tree branches is a great way to create a natural-looking, snow-covered tree. You can easily make your dream of a white Christmas come true. This is the perfect idea for any lover of the winter snowy landscape.

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