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4 steps of stenciling the photo frame

4 steps of stenciling the photo frame

The original photo frame is an indispensable decorative element found in any home. Want to bring a smile to the face of your intimate friends and give them something special, straight from the heart? Or maybe you are looking for a decoration that perfectly matches the interior design, but nothing in the stores draws your attention? Don’t waste time searching, show initiative, and create something unique yourself! Thanks to our guide, you will see that a self-decorated adornment is a cheap alternative to a sophisticated photo frame, and preparing it is much easier than may seem. Invite your little one to play! Decorating a photo frame is not only a great idea for spending time together and having fun, but also learning to develop your child’s technical skills and creativity!

4 steps of stenciling the photo frame

You will need it:

  • DIY & scrapbooking stencils
  • a photo frame
  • acrylic paints
  • sponge brushes
  • masking tape
  • paint tray
  • cloth
  • additionally: colorless spar varnish, paint roller or brush, and disposable gloves


Have you already prepared all the necessary tools? Great! Time to get to work! At the beginning, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust. A slightly damped cotton cloth will be perfect for this, as it will remove any dust from the frame. Before starting the decorations, it is worth painting the selected frame with a darker color. It will be an excellent base for subsequent golden ornaments, which will definitely illuminate and additionally expose the whole decor.

4 steps of stenciling the photo frame


4 steps of stenciling the photo frame

Before you start making decorations, think about what composition you want to get. In our rich offer you will find a wide selection of motifs, thanks to which you will certainly create real artwork in any style. Attach the selected stencil to the frame with the use of masking tape and start taping. However, remember to apply as little paint as possible to the brush and cover the pattern with several layers. Then, you will avoid unwanted leakage of the emulsion under the stencil, and the self-made decor will look neatly and aesthetically.



After filling the stencil with paint, gently tear it off the frame surface and leave it to dry completely. Now, you can start making minor adjustments. To make them, you will need a brush with the smallest diameter, thanks to which you will easily reach even the most detailed elements. It’s time for the final stage! Securing the pattern with a special acrylic varnish that protects against damage is a step worth remembering. Thanks to this, our decoration will serve us much longer. It should be noted, however, that not all surfaces and paints need to be varnished. If our photo frame is kept in optimal conditions, it is possible to skip this stage.

4 steps of stenciling the photo frame


4 steps of stenciling the photo frame

To make the final effect of our frame even more spectacular, it is worth putting on additional decorations. Are you a fan of subtle ornaments? In this case, the perfect choice will be flowers or delicate butterflies, which always give a captivating effect. However, if you prefer more eye-catching accents, bet on bold sequins and glitter, thanks to which you will additionally illuminate and expose your handmade adornment. A photo frame in such a unique edition is not only an original decorative element, but also a timeless way to preserve holiday memories.

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