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The return of the 20’s Art Deco style

The return of the 20's Art Deco style

The timeless Art Deco style has been reigning in the interior design world for years. And this time it’s back in style in a big way! This trend originated in the 1920s, and the artists of that time were guided by their own imagination and creative instinct. The trend, also called the ‘art of decorating’, is characterized primarily by rich coloring and out of the box patterns. High-quality materials, a combination of simple, classic lines into unique, geometric compositions, and golden ornaments are the heart of the Art Deco style. What else characterizes this unique trend? What shade palette will perfectly fulfill its task? With what to combine and what accessories to choose to complete the whole arrangement? We will answer these and many more questions in the following post. We invite you!


Geometric compositions have become trendy and modern interior arrangements. Classic lines inspire to create unique combinations. Simple, rounded forms make the interior look more cozy. An inherent element of the Art Deco trend are also standard geometric figures. Rectangles, squares, triangles, rhombuses or hexagons are patterns that cannot be missing while arranging an interior in this style. These blocks can be utilized in many ways. Geometry in a subtle edition will give the interior elegance and chic. However, betting on slightly more bold compositions full of bright shades, you will give dynamics and positive energy to even the most demanding interior. Geometric elements of nature? The ‘art of decorating’ allows you to create unique works. Plant or animal prints in a geometric version will perfectly reflect the timeless style, maintaining the subtlety and poshness of the whole arrangement.

The return of the 20's Art Deco style
The return of the 20's Art Deco style


A wide range of colors is one of the most important elements of Art Deco. This style is characterized by a diverse shade palette. There are both base tints and intense red, burgundy, navy blue, and bottle green. It is worth betting on a combination of contrasting colors. Bright walls will be an ideal base for later decorations with expressive shades. While arranging an interior in such a lush style, lighting cannot be missing, so gold and copper ornaments will be the heart of the unique ‘art of decorating’. With their help, you will create a spectacular composition. In such an up-to-date style, it is also worth betting on an equally intense shade of Viva Magenta – the color of the year will be perfect for Art Deco arrangements, giving the room a hint of a claw and a unique character.


The most pleasant step of interior design is choosing the right accessories. They play the most important role during any metamorphosis! The artists of the ‘art of decorating’ trend carefully refined all the details. What element cannot be missing while composing an Art Deco decoration? Marbled design is definitely an inherent part of such a lavish trend. It is also worth betting on the aforementioned combination of contrasting colors. The intense shade of curtains, decorative pillows, or bedding will definitely enliven the whole room, and subtle tints will be the perfect base for expressive decorations. Thanks to this, your interior will not only gain fresh energy, but will also be filled with harmony and peace. Don’t forget about gold or silver adornments! Such intense ornaments will be great not only as a decor on textiles or furniture, but also in the form of original fittings in the bathroom and kitchen.

The return of the 20's Art Deco style

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