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How to stencil: wooden tiles

How to stencil: wooden tiles

There is nothing more satisfying than a handmade wood decoration. With the use of stencil, you will change any, even the most demanding interior in the blink of an eye. This is the perfect way to renovate old, wooden furniture from your grandparents. Giving them a second life, you will not only keep a family heirloom, but also gain an original decoration, perfectly suited to your interior. Do you have small wooden tiles and don’t know how to utilize them? With the help of stencils, you will easily transform them into an original child’s toy. Put basic geometric figures on them, fill them with intense shades, and stimulate your toddler’s creativity! Learning through play is the best way to broaden your knowledge. Decorating with stencils is a great adventure! Invite the whole family to play and create real artwork together! In today’s blog, we will tell you what technique will work best, which stencil to choose and what tools will be necessary to make such a decoration. We invite you!

How to stencil: wooden tiles


  • stencil from the Nakleo Tile Collection
  • smooth sponge brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • wooden tiles
  • sandpaper
  • masking tape
  • wooden board for gluing the whole
  • clear varnish
  • cloth
  • paint tray
  • paint roller or brush
  • disposable gloves
TIP #1


Have you already chosen all the necessary materials? It’s time to move on to the next stage! Thorough surface preparation is one of the most important steps that we must not forget. A wooden tile can have many irregularities. To get rid of them, sand the whole thing thoroughly with sandpaper. Then, our surface will gain a perfectly smooth texture, and the decorations on it will look amazingly! The last step before starting work on decorations is to completely remove all dust and dirt from the surface. Here, the perfect tool will be a clean, slightly damp cloth.

How to stencil: wooden tiles
TIP #2


How to stencil: wooden tiles

In our wide range you will find a wide selection of patterns with various leitmotifs. Geometric? Floral? Moroccan? Or maybe abstractions inspired by the timeless Art Deco style? Bet on the design closest to your heart! In the case of decorating wooden tiles, stencils from the Nakleo Tile Collection and Nakleo Arts&Crafts Collection will be perfect. The variety of available sizes will allow you to create any composition. To do the work, we used the ‘Tarouca’ stencil. You will easily create real artwork from 6 different patterns, and the order of the patterns depends only on your creativity!

TIP #3


Have you done all the steps above? Great! It’s high time to get decorating! Attach the selected stencil to the surface with the help of masking tape. Do you wonder what way of filling the pattern to bet on? In the case of wooden tiles, the tapping method will be the perfect choice. Using smooth sponge brushes, you will fill the entire sheet with accuracy. Remember to put a small amount of paint on the brush and cover the pattern with several layers. Then, you will avoid the emulsion leaking under the stencil, and the whole decor will look spectacularly! It will also be a great idea to cover the wood with a uniform paint beforehand. Both light and dark shades will be an ideal base for later metallic decorations.

How to stencil: wooden tiles
TIP #4


How to stencil: wooden tiles

After tapping, gently tear off the sheet from the surface and leave the tile to dry completely. Before securing the decor, you can make minor corrections and apply additional decorations. Glitter? Or maybe sequins? Be guided by your own creativity! It’s time for the final stage! Precise protection of the pattern with a special acrylic varnish is a step worth remembering. A classic roller or paint brush will be perfect for this. Thanks to this measure, you will avoid minor damage, and the decoration will serve you much longer.

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