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How to make a vintage style box?

How to make a vintage style box?

Vintage style continues to enjoy unwavering popularity and durability as a trend. It combines classic elements with modern comfort. Additionally, vintage home decor reflects not only elegance but also a spirit of freedom and independence. This style attracts people seeking a unique and distinctive look for their home or apartment. Such a decorated box can be used in many ways – it serves both as a practical container for storing trinkets or pillows and as a designer accent in room decor. In today’s post, we will show you how to easily and independently create a unique vintage-style box using reusable painting stencils.

Required materials:

  • Wooden crate (e.g., fruit crate)
  • Vintage-style stencil,
  • Acrylic paints,
  • Brushes of various sizes,
  • Painter’s tape,
  • Sandpaper or sanding block.


  • Wheels for attachment,
  • Decorative hardware,
  • Screws and screwdriver.
How to make a vintage style box?
How to make a vintage style box?

How to create a Vintage style crate

Before you start painting the stencil design, prepare the crate’s surface for painting. First, use coarse sandpaper or a sanding block to remove any large imperfections. Then, use finer grit sandpaper to smooth out the wood. Now you can apply the first coat of paint to the prepared surface. You can also distress the paint while applying it to achieve an aged look. This step not only enhances the crate’s appearance but also helps achieve a better final effect, especially if you aim for a faded paint effect. After securing the stencil to the crate, you can start painting. Choose paints in suitable colors that will effectively represent the chosen motif. In the project from the photos, the “Vintage Champagne” stencil was used, which is available in our store. Next, use painter’s tape to position the stencil on the crate. This will help hold it in place and prevent any shifting during painting. Once you have your design planned, you can proceed with painting.

Make decorations and add additional elements

To apply the paint, a set of sponge or bristle brushes, which are also available in our store, will work great. Start by applying acrylic paint to the background areas of the crate, using a larger brush. Once the main elements are done, move on to painting the details if you have any on the stencil. Use a smaller brush for this. After the paint has dried, you can touch up any minor imperfections if needed. Once the painting is complete, allow the crate to dry completely. Depending on the thickness of the paint layers used, drying may take several hours. To protect the painting and ensure its durability, apply a thin layer of clear varnish or lacquer. Additionally, consider adding decorative hardware or wheels if you have them available. Such elements will not only give the crate an extra vibe but also make it more mobile and easier to transport.

How to make a vintage style box?
How to make a vintage style box?

Final effect

Painting a box with paint stencils is not only a creative and enjoyable way to spend your free time, but also a practical way to create a functional and decorative interior design element. You can set it both on the balcony, near the sofa, and in the living room or bedroom. In addition, decorative hardware or casters will make the box more mobile, which further increases its functionality. In this way, you will create not only a beautiful decoration, but also a practical piece of equipment that will please the eye and facilitate organization at home. The vintage style invariably suits many occasions, from casual gatherings to elegant spaces, making it remain a reliable choice for those who appreciate both practicality and style.

Remember that decorating a space can be done in many ways. In our offer you will find paints in various colors and brushes ideal for precise decorations. Whatever the style of your interior, we have a wide selection of styles and designs that are sure to meet your needs!

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