What do you associate with the sophisticated Art Deco style? Lush, golden accessories, high-quality materials, marble on the floor or wall, rich colors, motifs repetition – these and many other features characterize the trend called ‘the art of decorating’. This artistic direction was ushered in the 1920s. His artists followed their creative instinct and the only limitation was their own imagination. Art Deco luxury is a time machine that constantly returns to the many apartment’s decor and remains in the hearts of household members for a long time. The conjunction of simple, geometric forms and harmony with rich ornaments and color combinations always brings a spectacular effect. For whom an Art Deco style interior will be the perfect choice, and how to introduce this trend with the use of stencils? What motifs will be the best? Which shade palette should you choose? Antique or modern accessories? In the following post, we will answer any question you may have. Get inspired and bring timelessness into your home. We invite you!

art deco

Art Deco Design

Art Deco is characterized by luxury and splendor. Will this trend suit everyone’s tastes? Artists creating such rich motifs carefully refine every, even the smallest detail, combining classic lines into unique, geometric artworks. It is the non-standard geometry that is the most recognizable feature of this style. Square, cube, lozenge, and other figures in an unconventional version can give a classic interior a touch of modernity. For a slightly more subtle effect, it is worth betting on circles and semicircles. Rounded shapes give the room lightness, while maintaining the uniqueness and luxury of the Art Deco style. This trend is also ideally combined with nature elements. Large, eye-catching plant and animal prints in a geometric edition will perfectly emphasize the multicultural nature of the trend and the unlimited creator imagination. In our offer you will find a wide range of stencils reflecting the timelessness of this sophisticated style. Honeycomb in the child’s room? Or maybe ‘Gatsby’ as an addition to a luxurious living room? See for yourself that interior design is an extraordinary adventure!

Art Deco Color Palette

Do you wonder what to pay attention to while arranging an interior in the Art Deco style? One of the most important decisions to make is choosing a shades palette. Want to create a bright, spacious room with a unique accent? Or maybe a slightly darker, more mysterious arrangement will perfectly reflect your soul? A wide color range of the ‘art of decorating’ allows you to create real artwork. Non-standard combinations of contrasting colors are an inseparable element of this sophisticated style. Based on basic shades, such as white, beige or a more decisive navy blue, you will create a subdued background, perfect for subsequent ornamentation. On such a subtle base you can go crazy with decorations! Gold and silver accessories are the guiding elements of such a rich style. With the help of stencils and appropriate tools, you will paint any geometric pattern not only on the wall, but also on furniture, curtains, and decorative pillows. Go crazy with gold paint that will perfectly illuminate the whole arrangement!

art deco
art deco

Art Deco Bathroom

Want a spectacular metamorphosis? Start with the bathroom! The Art Deco arrangement will allow you to maintain its functionality, while introducing a hint of modernity. An inseparable element of designing in such a rich style is exclusive, but also expensive marble. Is there a cheaper alternative? See for yourself! Instead of investing in such an expensive material, it is worth betting on a stencil and the right paint. Floor or wall tiles? With the use of stencils, you will renew old tiles, giving them a second life, and your bathroom will gain an interior with a soul, straight from the 1920s. The timelessness of stone motifs is not the only component of the ‘art of decorating’. In the world of fashion and interior design, the classic checkerboard motif has also reigned for years. The combination of intense, contrasting shades of black and white is the perfect base for later madness with accessories. In this case, it’s worth betting on golden or copper elements that will break the harmony and bring a touch of elegance and luxury to the whole room.

Art Deco Accessories

While arranging an interior in the Art Deco style, accessories play the most important role. The artists of this trend precisely refined every detail, which is why all decorations should be carefully selected. The most characteristic ornament of the trend is the aforementioned marble. This pattern will be great not only on the floor or wall, but also as a decorative element on pillows and curtains. It is also worth paying attention to the material from which the curtains are made. Velvet and silk will perfectly fit into the interior and additionally emphasize the luxury and elegance of the whole decor. Golden accents in the form of door handles, legs of chairs and tables as well as frames of unusually shaped mirrors are the true quintessence of the Art Deco style. Minimalism in the form of metal and wooden elements combined with eye-catching decorations perfectly reflects the timelessness of the sophisticated ‘art of decorating’ trend.

art deco