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How to stencil: wallpaper imitation

How to stencil: wallpaper imitation

Wallpapers are not only one of the most popular wall decorations, but also a perfect way to distinguish your interior. Is it worth investing in such expensive material and a professional? We have the perfect solution for you! Stencils are unique tools thanks to which you will quickly and cheaply create a unique wallpaper imitation effect on any surface! They are easy to use, so no specialist is needed. What’s more, their quality allows you to repeat the pattern more than once, and with the help of the attached, smaller sheets, you can fill even the smallest space. The walls are a big display for amateurs! How to create an imitation of wallpaper using stencils? What tools to use and how to avoid unwanted unevenness? Here are some essential tips!

How to stencil: wallpaper imitation


  • stencil from the Nakleo Seamless Collection
  • smooth sponge brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • masking tape
  • paint tray
  • disposable gloves
TIP #1


Have you already got all the necessary tools? Time for one of the most important stages that we mustn’t forget! Before starting with decorations, the surface should be carefully even and all irregularities and defects should be removed. Then, our wall will gain a perfectly smooth texture, and the decorations on it will look amazingly. Accurate smoothing of the surface is impossible? Let’s deal with it! Remember that by creating a pattern on the entire wall, it will gain an optically smoother texture, and the wallpaper imitation will perfectly cover any flaws. Clean the wall of dust with a slightly damp cloth, then attach the stencil using masking tape. Let’s roll!

How to stencil: wallpaper imitation
TIP #2


How to stencil: wallpaper imitation

Surface cleaned of any dirt? Stencil attached? Great! It’s high time to move on to making decorations! Here, smooth sponge brushes will be the perfect choice as it will allow you to fill each element with accuracy. Also use the attached, smaller sheets, with the help of which you will be able to repaint the pattern in hard-to-reach places and create a unique imitation of wallpaper on the entire surface. To fill the wall with a pattern, wait until one coat dries. Only after the decor is thoroughly dried, can you start creating other elements. However, remember to apply as little paint as possible to the brush and cover the pattern with two thin layers using the taping method. Then you will avoid unwanted emulsion leaking under the stencil, and the resulting composition will look neatly and aesthetically.

TIP #3


Have you refreshed your interior, but there is a lack of distinctive character in it? The devil is in the details! A perfect finishing touch to a classic arrangement is a timeless wallpaper on the wall. A perfect advantage of stencils is creative freedom, and imagination is the only aspect that can limit you. In our offer you will find a wide selection of patterns with various leitmotifs. Geometric? Floral? Moroccan? Or maybe abstractions inspired by the timeless Art Deco style? Bet on the design closest to your heart! In our store you will also find many spring inspirations, perfect for reviving the interior after a long and cold winter. From classic roses, through wildflowers, to exotic palm trees. A traditional rosette will definitely decorate a feminine, elegant interior and keep it fresh even in the most demanding arrangement. It is also worth betting on slightly more bold, oriental motifs of palm trees. Thanks to them, your interior will gain a unique atmosphere straight from the warm tropics!

How to stencil: wallpaper imitation

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