4 Creative Ways to Use a Mandala Reusable Stencil

The mandala motif dates back to antiquity. Just then this pattern settled in the Hindu tradition heart forever. It primarily means an artistic form enclosed in a circle or arc. The very middle of these mystical drawings reflects the human being at the center of everything, and what’s around is the world encircling him. The basic form of these patterns often consists of a geometric square, which symbolizes not only the four world sides, but also everything that is human. It is a sign of perfection and unity. Admittedly, the first mentions of its existence appeared in India, but the motif based on a circle, arc or other symmetrical figure emerged at the very beginning of human culture. The lush mandala has reached almost all corners of the world. Currently, such a symbolic design is used on many levels, especially in interior decoration. Amulet and dream catcher in the bedroom? Tibetan life symbol in a living room? Or maybe the Maya calendar? Decide for yourself and create a unique atmosphere in the whole house!

Mandala Stencils


The huge therapeutic mandala effect is known in numerous parts of the world. This timeless design perfectly develops the imagination. Therefore, it is worth placing it in your child’s room, and what’s more, let him fill in the stencil on his own. The creating process helps not only to express thoughts and feelings, but also has a soothing effect on our soul. In addition, the mysterious circle contained in the mandala allows for inner calmness and regains our balance. Spontaneity and freedom in choosing tints additionally stimulate our creativity. Let yourself be carried away by your fantasy and create a real mishmash of colors! Design descended from Hindu culture also finds its purpose in meditation. This symbolic motif filled with subdued colors will help you cleanse your body of all bad emotions. Is gymnastics an integral part of your daily routine? Bet on any mandala pattern in your bedroom and create a small yoga lounge in your own home! Take a deep breath, hold it for a while, and regain inner peace after a hard day’s work!


Rich in detail mandala is known all over the world. This pattern has its application on many levels, from meditation to interior design. In the case of such a detailed motif, you should not bet on the so-called “total look”. What we should be guided by is the well-known moderation and intuition. Want to create a real oasis of calm in your own home without overwhelming the whole interior? Bet on your favorite mandala design and subdued colors! A spectacular effect will also be achieved by filling the stencil with a plaster, concrete, or some other decorative mass. The obtained raw composition giving an amazing low relief effect will surely fit into any interior. To subtly complement the entire arrangement, you may repaint only a half, a quarter, or any other part of the pattern on the furniture or decorative pillow. Then, you will get a coherent and harmonious composition throughout the room. Paint? Stencil? Tools? In our rich offer you will find everything you need! Get inspired and create your own relaxation zone.

Mandala Stencils
Mandala Stencils


The stencil’s greatest advantage is definitely the color freedom and endless creative possibilities.Therefore, it is the most frequently chosen method of interior decoration and renovation. The classic filling of a stencil with paint always brings amazing results! Acrylic, fluorescent, or glitter paint? The choice is yours! The natural bristle brushes will help you accurately reproduce the selected mandala, and what’s more, you will be able to paint all hard-to-reach places. For those bolder people, who are not afraid of challenges, we also have a different, slightly more creative solution. On our website you will find instructions that will help you, step by step, to create a unique composition using decorative plaster or concrete. The realization of such a work is, contrary to appearances, child’s play, and the breathtaking effect of the low relief will surely delight everyone. The raw-looking decorative mass will perfectly match the ancient mandala motifs, introducing oriental character into any interior.


The walls are not the only, but most often decorated surfaces, which always look very effective with the use of stencils. This interior adorn method is also perfect for floor decoration, from ceramic to concrete slabs. With the selected mandala motif, outdoor paint, and appropriate protection, you are able to create a unique, oriental atmosphere also in front of your home. A balcony or terrace filled with symbolic, breathtaking patterns will surely leap up at everyone’s attention. Stencils also finds its usage in the case of textiles and clothes. The Aztec arrangement on the wall will be perfectly complemented by decorative curtains or pillows, and smooth sponge brushes will help you precisely repaint the design on such a soft surface. Decorated wooden furniture or wall decorations look equally good, giving even the most demanding interiors a unique atmosphere.

Mandala Stencils