Discover the magic of the East within your interior! Oriental style will transport you to a world full of exoticism and foreign cultures, making you feel as if you are in distant lands of the Far East. A combination of tradition and modernity? The oriental trend in interior design is not just a fashion statement but also a true journey into a world rich in history. It is characterized by a deep inspiration from the cultures of the Middle East, Asia, and other oriental regions. It combines mysticism, the beauty of nature, a rich color palette, and unique motifs, setting it apart from other styles. What sets it apart? Surprising shade combinations, distinctive patterns, and exotic materials are undoubtedly integral features of this trend. Above all, it brings a unique harmony and tranquility from distant corners of the world straight into our homes. Which motifs perfectly capture the Orient? What color palette should you bet on? Get inspired, select the right accessories, and create a decoration straight out of the Far East!

oriental style

Oriental Designs

Oriental style encompasses a wide range of cultures. It reflects influences from Asian countries like China, India, and Japan, as well as areas like Morocco. It is primarily distinguished by luxury, intricate patterns, and unconventional combinations of various cultures. Among the oriental patterns, you will find predominantly botanical motifs such as flowers and Moroccan clover, as well as Asian animals, especially birds. The ancient Indian mandala symbol and paisley patterns also enjoy great popularity. The tear-shaped motif with a curved, narrower end has its origins in Iran and, along with the mandala, is one of the most frequently chosen designs by many artists. You will find these and many other patterns in our wide range! See for yourself that using stencils, you can create unique walls, furniture, or decorations that will catch the eye of every guest.

Oriental Shade Palette

Color palette is a key element in oriental-style decoration. Warm, intense shades like gold, red, purple, and turquoise dominate here. This color palette evokes the mysterious sunrise over the desert and oriental bazaars filled with colorful fabrics and exquisite items. Bold shades add depth and character to the interior, while golden and purple accents are perfect for highlighting important elements of the decor, creating a sense of richness and sophistication throughout the house. Thanks to stencils, you will easily adjust the colors to your own preferences, creating an original and unique arrangement.

oriental style
oriental style

How to Decorate in Oriental Style?

Dreaming of an oriental-style interior? Bet on stencils! With their help, you will create your own dream composition. Remember to pay attention to the right color palette – primarily select bold shades from the palette of oriental shades, and then use stencils to create unique designs on walls, ceilings, furniture, or textiles. Distinctive patterns on rugs, curtains, or decorative pillows will further enhance the exotic atmosphere. Furniture, usually handcrafted from natural materials like wood or metal, also plays an important role. Opt for carefully selected accessories such as ceramic vases or oriental mirrors. Decorations and small decorative elements associated with Middle Eastern or Asian culture, such as ceramics, mosaics, or handcrafted sculptures, will be perfect additions to the oriental decor, adding authenticity and depth. Don’t forget about lighting – lanterns, lamps, or oriental pendant lights fit perfectly into this trend. With all these elements, your oriental-style home will not only be beautiful but also full of history and the mysteries of foreign cultures from the Far East!