4 Tips How To Give Tiles a Second Life with Reusable Stencils

Want to remove old, unfashionable tiles and arrange the entire room as you see fit? Or maybe you are overwhelmed with their coloring and you want to give them a second life? As we know, replacing the tiles is not only time-consuming, but also requires bigger finances. Before starting the renovation, however, it is worth thoroughly checking the tile’s condition. If they are solid and undamaged, the stencils will definitely be a bull’s eye! Thanks to them, you will cheaply and quickly renew old tiles, and create your own composition in any style. In addition, their ease of use will let you make them yourself, so you will not have to waste your money on any specialist. Will you bet on classic black and white patterns? Or maybe you will go crazy with an extraordinary motif and various colors? All you need is a well-matched design, paint in your favorite colors and properly selected tools. Check our website, get inspired and decorate the whole home in your own style! 

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Tiles are a timeless solution while arranging both the floor and walls. Want them in your own home, but you don’t have enough money to buy all the necessary materials? If you want to reduce spending a bit, and, at the same time, not limit yourself to only one pattern, the solution that springs to mind is pretty obvious – imitation tiles. It is a trend that has settled in the hearts of own space creators for good and enjoys unflagging popularity. This type of stencil gives you unlimited creating possibilities and the price, definitely more attractive than classic tiles, allows you to choose more than one design and size. Another asset is the fact that its use does not require any special skills or tools. Therefore, you do not need to hire any specialist, and making the pattern will be child’s play and pleasant. Deciding on stencil, you open the door to the world lined with tiles. A bit of willingness and imagination is all you need. 


The walls are not the only, but most often decorated surfaces, which with the use of stencils always look very effective. They have also found their purpose in painting floors, from ceramic tiles to concrete slabs. We have known for a long time that the surface on which we move is vulnerable to damage. You should, however, carefully consider whether it is necessary to remove old tiles and install new ones. If they do not have any dents and only the top color layer has been damaged, we have a much easier and cheaper solution for you! Repainting a stencil takes only a few moments, and thanks to its durability, you will be able to reproduce the same design many times with the use of one sheet. With an additional floor covering with the protective varnish, you will be able to enjoy the renewed tiles for a longer period of time. What’s more, you don’t have to limit yourself to just inner changes. Tiles in front of the house or on the balcony are the most practical way of arranging external surfaces. With the selected motif, outdoor paint, and with an appropriate protection against rain, your terrace will gain a unique character. Wooden surfaces decorated with patterns, such as furniture or wall decorations, look equally good, giving even the most demanding interiors a unique atmosphere.

Szablon malarski wielokrotnego użytku // imitacja płytek - kafelków - 2
Szablon malarski wielokrotnego użytku // imitacja płytek - kafelków - 3


The biggest interior decoration advantage with the use of stencils is definitely the huge pattern choice and the possibility of realizing an individual concept. That’s why they are an ideal solution for cheap renovation of old and unfashionable tiles. Modern geometric compositions will certainly fit into the house arrangement not only in a modern style, but will also perfectly match the timeless retro motif. Our collection also includes a wide design gamut inspired by warm and colorful Spain. By combining several of them, you are able to create a real Iberian mosaic. In turn, traditional Chinese motifs will bring a hint of madness to your room, and the accompanying intense tints will significantly stimulate the creativity of every household member. Retro style, colorful Spain, or fancy ornaments? Or maybe elegant and tasteful geometric patterns? Decide for yourself and create your own dream composition!


Stencils can be used for various decorating techniques. The most frequently chosen one, and, at the same time, giving equally delightful effects, is the classic filling of the pattern with paint. With this kind of painting, you can try various products, such as acrylic, glitter, or fluorescent paints – depending on where we paint and what effect we want to achieve. However, in the case of creating imitation tiles, decorative plaster or concrete will be perfect. This task is easier than it seems, and on our website you will find detailed instructions on how to do such a unique and creative ornament step by step. Thanks to this, you will compose a breathtaking work that will give the bas-relief effect on your wall. An extraordinary pattern, proper tools, and the infinite imagination power are all you need to create a composition that will delight everyone.

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