Are you an adventurous person, full of energy, not afraid of challenges and want to change your decor? A bit of fantasy, color variation and appropriate geometric patterns are all you need! This trend is characterized not only by modernism, but also by a crazy and timeless retro style. The detailing and geometric, symmetrically arranged shapes on the wall create an unusual 3D effect, making the whole room optically larger. Arranging an interior in such a bold style, you will add to it not only freshness and modernity, but also claw and originality, which will undoubtedly delight everyone. The heart of this trend is based primarily on classic and subdued colors, such as white and beige. However, it is worth noting that colors have a great impact on our mood, and together with geometric figures will stimulate the imagination of everyone. It is true, however, that finding the golden mean in choosing the right colors is difficult for many people, so it is worth betting on a delicate, classic white. Such a subtle base will ideally find itself in juxtaposition with crazy, expressive shades, and together with a symmetrical linear pattern will add to your home a touch of madness combined with a touch of elegance.

geometric style

Geometric shapes in ancient Greece

The origins of this trend date back to ancient Greece. It was the artists there who began to overcome old traditions and beliefs and opened the door to express themselves through art and their own artistic abilities. It was then that basic geometric figures such as wavy lines, circles and triangles became the starting point. Such a marked change not only initiated a new style, but also completely changed the way Greece was perceived. In the later stages of the trend’s evolution, artists began to break simple linear patterns into more intricate and complicated ones. This is when they began to reflect their thoughts by creating works in increasingly rich, expressive ways. Nowadays, this timeless trend is the perfect break between modernity and modernism in interior design. Classic lines, basic geometric figures or a slightly crazier hexagon will add elegance and grace to your decor. Looking for the perfect way to express yourself? Take inspiration from antique art, arrange your four walls anew and express your emotions in an original and timeless way! With our stencils you will decorate every element in your home at a low cost!

Geometric patterns in the Art Deco style of the 1920s

The multiculturalism and elegance manifested in the Art Deco style is directly perfectly combined with timeless geometric patterns. Rich design, detail and geometric shapes are inherent in the combination of these two trends, which when combined together form a harmonious whole. Such characteristic of this style is the attention to detail, symmetry and rich composition, which means that everyone will find a design suitable for themselves. Both classic, banal motifs and more intricate ones will give the room an original character and break the boredom. Moreover, geometric shapes will give a 3D impression, making the whole room seem much larger. It is also worth mentioning that both delicate colors and more intense ones reign in this art of decorating. Depending on which shade you opt for, you will choose the perfect accessories. Will you opt for neutral colors combined with interesting, sophisticated accessories? Or maybe for vibrant shades and more subdued elements? No matter what you choose! Timeless geometric patterns will fit into any decor!

geometric style
geometric style

Geometric abstractions

Geometry is the arrangement of lines and various shapes in a given space. Abstraction, on the other hand, is about realizing one’s own ideas in a non-standard way. These two ideas combined allow us to express our emotions using imagination, arbitrary colors and random, irregular patterns. What’s more, the letters also fit perfectly into rich geometric compositions. Remember to have fun with them! Whether you arrange them vertically, horizontally or perhaps upside down is up to you. It is through custom arrangement that you will get the desired effect and build an abstract masterpiece on your own wall. This modern trend is mainly surpassed by two color ranges: pastel and neon. Custom figures filled with delicate colors will give the room subtlety and lightness. In turn, fluorescent shades, such as blue, neon yellow or green, will definitely enliven the interior, combining modernism with a touch of madness. A set of pastel or neon paints? Letters, subtle geometric patterns or maybe the crazier ones? In our offer you will find everything you need to arrange an interior in modernist style! Let your imagination run wild and create an abstraction that will delight everyone!