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Stencils in Pop Art style

Stencils in Pop Art style

Pop Art style is an explosion of color, energy and bold self-expression. Why should you try your hand at making stencils in this style? What exactly is Pop Art and what characterizes it? It’s an art that lets you express your feelings and beliefs in a unique, artistic way! With intense colors and vivid contrasts, you will unleash your creativity and create a unique artwork that will surely delight and attract everyone’s attention. Pop art creators often referred to symbolism, used paintings, photographs, and images of famous figures, posters and everyday products as motifs in their works. Play with form and colors! Get inspired and create your own unique work of art!

Stencils in Pop Art style


  • stencil from the Nakleo Kids Collection
  • smooth sponge brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • A4 color technical block
  • masking tape
  • ink art
  • disposable gloves
TIP #1


The most important step to be taken before painting is to thoroughly clean the surface, which will serve as our base for later adornments. This will make our decoration look aesthetically pleasing and impressive. Start by thoroughly getting rid of dust and any dirt from the surface to be painted. Before you start decorating, choose a design that best reflects your artistic soul. Do you like challenges? Experiment with shapes and color palette! Pop Art style is all about flashy motifs inspired by comic books, as well as contrasting geometric forms. In our wide range you will find many designs in abstract editions that will fit perfectly into such an artistic atmosphere. To further emphasize the expressiveness of this trend, bet on intense metallic shades.

Stencils in Pop Art style
TIP #2


Stencils in Pop Art style

After attaching the stencil to the surface with masking tape, proceed to the most enjoyable stage of the whole process – painting! Be creative and have fun with rich colors! Carefully apply paint to the stencil, using smooth sponge brushes and the taping method. It involves gently tapping on the painted surface. Thanks to this technique, you will get subtle transitions between colors in the form of a mist and a delicate smokiness. Remember that less is more! It’s better to apply several thin layers of paint rather than one thick one to avoid smudging the design and leaking the emulsion under the stencil.

TIP #3


After finishing the painting process, remember to leave the work dry thoroughly. If it was made on a piece of paper, throw it between books to straighten out any irregularities. Decorating with stencils is not only great fun, but also an opportunity to show your creativity and express your emotions in an artistic way. You can complement the finished work with glitter or zircons to further emphasize the abstractness of Pop Art. It will also be a great idea to use repetitions of the same motif. This is also one of the key and most frequently used elements of this trend. Show off your creative work, frame it and display it in the heart of your home!

Stencils in Pop Art style

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